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AUSBOW Target Crossbows

Contender Paradigm

The product of more than fifty years of combined Australian and New Zealand experience, this precision crossbow incorporates modern technology with old-fashioned hand-craftsmanship and uncompromising quality. The use of computer-aided design techniques and modern production methods has resulted in an affordable and accurate bow that can shoot tens!


SC95B-1 Standard configuration $2997 (Australian dollars)

Price depends on particular configuration.


  • Custom extruded aluminium alloy barrel and full-length accessory rail
  • Field proven, reliable take-down composite limbs and optional carbon
  • Precision trigger, reliable with crisp light action
  • Low cost archery type micrometer foresight easily demountable for storage or you can fit your own
  • Offset sight line and rear adjustable iris (option)
  • Low intrinsic weight suits ladies and juniors
  • Complies with both World Crossbow Shooting Association and IAU Field Division rules
  • Unsurpassed balance and reaction

Uncompromising quality at an affordable price. Why pay more when you can get superior performance from the Contender Paradigm?


  • Main beam/barrel custom extruded 6061-T5 aluminium alloy with integral full length accessory rail - available in a range of anodised colours.
  • Take-down composite fibreglass and carbon prod limbs in draw weights from 75 to 95 lbs.
  • Optional EXCALIBUR solid fibreglass prod - 95 lb.
  • TUFNOL track block precision-machined to accept HOYT/EASTON (TM) 17/64 and 18/64 shafting and various carbon fibre shafts.
  • Precision underclaw trigger, light, crisp action, demountable.
  • Stock is thumb-hole type adjustable fore and aft (natural wood).
  • Fully adjustable ambidex-type palm rest
  • Adjustable butt hook
  • Micrometer foresight complete with proprietary screw-in apertures.
  • Tee-bar.
  • Basic weight is approximately 6kg (heavier weights available).
  • Bow available in a range of configurations and colours.
  • Full range of accessories and spares available.


  • Offset sight system with GEHMANN 510 adjustable rear iris supplied as option on fixed mount.
  • Offset sight system with GEHMANN 565 adjustable rear iris with filters supplied as option on fixed mount.

Tyro 2


The TYRO 2 is the result of a value engineering exercise applied to our long-serving CONTENDER tournament crossbow to develop an affordable lower priced Target crossbow without compromising performance. The TYRO 2 fills the gap between the EXCALIBUR APEX and the CONTENDER PARADIGM. It uses many of the CONTENDER parts. The main frame comprises two outer aluminium plates separated by canvas bakelite infill. The track is formed directly into the canvas bakelite. The trigger is the same as that used in the CONTENDER. The TYRO 2 can be supplied with a range of prod mounts and prods ranging from solid POWERTUFF fibreglass to composite fibreglass/carbon fibre/wood suitable for all fittings. Metal parts are anodised in a range of colours.

The TYRO 2 complies with both IAU and WCSA specifications.

Tyro Standard configuration including EXE micrometer foresight with prod mount but no limbs (as pictured): $1578 (Australian dollars)

Price for CONTENDER composite fibreglass and wood limbs: $318.50 (Australian dollars)

Challenger 2


The CHALLENGER 2 is the result of a continuing value engineering exercise applied to our long-serving CONTENDER tournament and TYRO 2 Target crossbows to develop an even lower priced entry level unit.The CHALLENGER 2 is designed to be an alternative to the EXCALIBUR APEX retro-fitted with parts to enable respectable target shooting. The main frame comprises two outer aluminium plates separated by canvas bakelite infill.The track is formed directly into the canvas bakelite for 17/64 diameter shafts. The trigger is a robust single stage overclaw design similar to the EXCALIBUR unit.The CHALLENGER 2 is supplied as standard with a solid fibreglass prod, fixed rear aperture sight, foresight mounting post, fixed cheek piece, adjustable butt hook for long and short reach, T-bar, and will accept the CONTENDER ambidex palm rest as an optional extra. Composite CONTENDER limbs are also available as an optional extra. A CARTEL micrometer foresight is available as an optional extra.

Metal parts are anodised BLUE. Draw weights to 95 lb. Available Right Hand and Left Hand.

The CHALLENGER 2 complies with both IAU and WCSA specifications.

Price for basic configuration with prod, no foresight, no ambidex $ AUD 1020.00 (Australian dollars)

EXE micrometer foresight extra $ AUD 130.80

Optional ambidex palmrest sub-assembly, extra $ AUD 62.70

Spare solid fibreglass limbs $ AUD 99.00 pr.

Optional CONTENDER limbs and mount in lieu of solid fibreglass limbs $ AUD 250.80 extra

Spare DACRON shooting string $ AUD 35.00

Prices include 10% Australian GST. NOTE: All prices subject to change.

After-market accessories for EXCALIBUR Target crossbows

Ausbow Industries has adapted its own range of CONTENDER parts to upgrade the earlier model EXCALIBUR APEX Target crossbow to allow some serious shooting. (Note: current APEX is not easily modified.) This provides an affordable option for those who want some of the features of the CONTENDER or TYRO 2 but cannot justify the expenditure.

Please request the EXCALIBUR after-market Target crossbow PRICE LIST