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Bowmaking Requisites

How to order:

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Taper Ground Wooden Core Laminations

Available in 0.001, 002, 003 inch/inch taper - in butt thicknesses of 80, 90, 100 and 125 thousandths of an inch - in widths of 1.5, 1.75 and 2 inches, and lengths to 36 inches or to your specification.

Timbers available include Tasmanian Myrtle, Tasmanian Blackwood, Canadian Rock Maple and laminated bamboo. Specials on request.

Parallel Laminations

Made to order.

Fibreglass Laminations

We recommend the use of BO-TUFF for bow weights greater than 40lb.

Please note that the Bo-Tuff "Clear" fibreglass is NOT really clear. Ausbow Industries will only have limited stocks of the Clear Bo-Tuff. Black, brown and white fibreglass laminations will still be available.

Epoxy Glue

Clear, Australian-made TECHNIGLUE CA gel

Longbow Handles and Blanks

Ground and blank available in a variety of Australian native and exotic timbers.

Ausbow Industries cannot supply wooden staves suitable for making self-wooden bows.

Bowmaking Books - by John Clark

It is strongly recommended that you read the book before you order your materials.

Books available and Prices

The Design and Construction of Composite Long (Flat) Bows by John Clark 46pp

$35.00 includes GST and postage

The Design and Construction of Composite Recurve Bows by John Clark 2nd edition 2002.

Significantly revised. Wallet with A3 folded sheets with drawings, plans, templates etc. 57pp plus 9 foldouts in wallet.

$40.00 includes GST and postage

Design and Construction of Flight Bows - a supplement to "The Design and Construction of Composite Recurve Bows" by John Clark.

Bound-in A3 foldout sheets included in book. 36pp

$20.00 includes GST and postage

Crossbow Design and Construction by John Clark 2006. 51pp

$40.00 includes GST and postage

Building the CRECY Medieval Crossbow - plans by John Clark

$25.00 includes GST and postage

Ordering Information

Any item(s) may be ordered by contacting Ausbow Industries by phone, fax, email or snail mail as shown below. If you were only interested in ordering the books you can use our secure Book order form.

Prospective customers are advised to query anything which is unclear. Ausbow Industries is happy to give advice without obligation to purchase.

Further Information

If you have any comments or want more information, please contact Ausbow Industries by using the Further Information form. You can contact us directly by phone, fax or email.

PAYMENTS - Direct Bank Deposit preferred. Paypal and Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard), cheques and money order accepted.