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Important Crossbow Information for Australian Shooters

Legislation concerning crossbows has changed in most Australian States. In most Australian states, crossbows have been moved from being CONTROLLED WEAPONS to now being PROHIBITED WEAPONS. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT THEY HAVE BEEN BANNED! This means that you may now need a permit or a licence. Check with your local authorities as details may change without notice.

South Australia

As from 28 February 2013 crossbows are now classified as Prohibited Weapons in SOUTH AUSTRALIA. No licence or permit is required and there are exemptions for hunters and target shooters under the Regulations. Sales to those under 18 years of age are not allowed.

The updated regulations can be found here Offence...

and the summary offences act from here OFFENCE...


Legislation was introduced in QUEENSLAND on 1 November 2004. Please note that Ausbow Industries can no longer supply crossbows to Queensland customers directly, except via a licenced Queensland-based firearms dealer. However we can still help you with the selection of our equipment, assistance with arranging your purchase and other important advice. You need to undertake a course of crossbow safety training as delivered by an approved organisation. This then qualifies you for a Category M (crossbow) licence.

You need a permit to purchase each crossbow. Shooting is allowed on private property greater than 20 acres with written permission. Target shooting is only allowed on licensed crossbow ranges. Crossbow hunting is legal.


Crossbows are prohibited in TASMANIA. You need to apply to the Police Commissioner for permission to own and use a crossbow.Target shooting is only allowed on licensed crossbow ranges. Crossbow hunting is illegal.


The VICTORIAN Legislation regarding crossbows came into effect on 1 July 2004. This requires all crossbow owners/shooters to apply for permission and pay a fee. MEMBERS OF APPROVED SPORTING BODIES WILL BE EXEMPT FROM FEES BUT YOU MUST APPLY FOR EXEMPTION. Contact the Firearms Registry, Victoria Police.

New South Wales and ACT

NSW and ACT customers are advised that crossbows are prohibited in both jurisdictions, except that it is possible to obtain a permit for bona fide target shooting at recognised archery clubs. Please consult respective authorities. Crossbow hunting is illegal.


Western Australia

Crossbows are now prohibited weapons in WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Only those people who were members of an Archery Australia affiliated club prior to 30 June 2010 were eligible to request a Ministerial Permit to own and use a crossbow. (That means that no new shooters are allowed). Crossbow hunting is now illegal.