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John at bow oven

After over 55 years in archery, I have retired from shooting to concentrate on family.

I have also decided to cease the manufacture of complete Target and Medieval crossbows and recurve bows. I will continue as best can to build Longbows and CONTENDER crossbow limbs while the body allows. We will continue to supply spare parts and accessories until stocks are exhausted or on a case by case basis.

Ausbow Industries will also stop importing any Sporting crossbows, in particular EXCALIBUR and associated accessories. We will continue to supply accessories until stocks are exhausted.

Ausbow Industries will continue to supply and make bowmaking materials and bowmaking books for the foreseeable future.

I wish to thank all our loyal customers over the last 25 years full time and part time since about 1975 in various guises.

I also wish to thank Excalibur Crossbow Inc. for looking after us so well for over 25 years.

Yours in the bow.

John Clark

Director, Ausbow Industries

1 July 2021

Ausbow Industries is an Australian-owned and operated business that previously specialised for many years in the design and manufacture of Target and Medieval-style crossbows. We will now concentrate on Longbows, and the supply of bowmaking materials and books for anyone making traditional composite bows.

We are no longer the Australasian agents for the EXCALIBUR range of crossbows from Canada.

LONGBOWS: WOOMERA, WARRIGAL, DEBUTANTE and CUB fiberglass and wood composite Longbows, blank staves and kits; Custom and Carbon longbows.

TRADITIONAL BOWMAKING MATERIALS: Fibreglass, carbon fibre/glass laminate and wooden laminations, longbow handles, glue and books. We do not supply wooden bow staves or arrows.

BOOKS: on traditional bow making, crossbow design and construction, crossbow shooting and other archery topics

CROSSBOW ACCESSORIES: EXCALIBUR, HAWKE OPTICS and HHA, only while sticks last. No more items will be imported.

CROSSBOWS: Accessories and prods only for CONTENDER, TYRO 2 and CHALLENGER 2 competition Target crossbows. EXCALIBUR crossbows and CRUSADER and CRECY Medieval-style crossbows, subject to discussion with us.

Ausbow Industries is a member of the Archery Crafters Guild, Traditional Archery Australia, and Goolwa Tourism 5214 and supports the activities of the World Crossbow Shooting Association and Great Southern Archers (Strathalbyn Target Archers).