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About Ausbow Industries

Company Profile

Ausbow Industries has evolved from a number of hobby businesses since circa 1975. The business has been a full-time operation since early 1996 and was incorporated under Jonlyn Enterprises Pty Ltd in October 1997. The operation is run by the director - John Clark. After establishing in Melbourne, Ausbow Industries moved to Goolwa, South Australia in 1998.

The business covers:

  • the design, development and manufacture of archery bows and parts, particularly crossbows, longbows and related equipment
  • design, manufacture and distribution of the CONTENDER world-class tournament crossbow family as a joint venture with Custom Crossbows, New Zealand under the name Southern Crossbows
  • Australian and New Zealand agency for EXCALIBUR Crossbow Inc, Canada to service the sporting crossbow market with top performing, high quality hunting and target equipment
  • the supply of bowmaking requisites including books
  • archery-related jobbing work and repairs
  • provision of consultancy advice re the use of crossbows for special purposes such as animal conservation
  • custom engineering

Ausbow Industries has primarily a manufacturing, wholesaling and mail-order focus, and does not have a physical shop front. However you are welcome to make an appointment for consultation. When you arrive, you should report to the River Dolls shop at 33 Cadell Street, Goolwa.

Ausbow Industries is a member of the Southern Alexandrina Business Association.

Further Information

If you have any comments or want more information, please contact Ausbow Industries by using the Further Information form. You can contact us directly by phone, fax or email.

PAYMENTS - Direct Bank Deposit preferred. COD and Credit Cards (VISA, Mastercard), cheques and money order accepted.