The WOOMERA longbow is designed and handcrafted using BO-TUFF fibreglass and selected timbers, and has been proven to be smooth drawing and yet have good cast, efficiency and reliability. We have more than 35 years manufacturing experience and thanks to continued requests for our quality custom-made longbows we will be happy to discuss with you the making of a long bow to your specification.

Woomera longbow

Specify length and draw weight @ 28 inches and shipping instructions.

PRICE: $AUD 595 plus freight

Delivery and Specific Ordering Information 


NOTE: It is strongly recommended that you read The Design and Construction of Compositie Long (Flat) Bows by John Clark before ordering your bowmaking materials. It will provide you with the answers to most of our questions on bowmaking. ($AUD 30) You can order it by using our secure Book order form. If you buy the book before buying your bowmaking materials, the cost of the book will be deducted from the cost of the kit or blank stave.

WOOMERA Longbow Kit

Comprises 4 pairs Tasmanian Myrtle or Rock Maple core laminations, 2 strips BO-TUFF fibreglass, sawn and ground handle blank in your choice of Tasmanian Myrtle, Blackwood, Queensland Walnut, American Walnut, Rock Maple, Bubinga or Zebrano, etc. with ground matching nock tip overlays, 750ml TECHNIGLUE epoxy and full instruction book. Weights to 80lb.

Specify length and draw weight @ 28 inches and shipping instructions. 

PRICE: $AUD 210 plus freight

WOOMERA Longbow Blank Stave

Comprises blank glued-up bow stave with nock tip overlays fitted. The stave is as it comes from the gluing form with no shaping done. Full instructions supplied. (See Note above.) Weights to 90lb.

Specify length and draw weight @ 28 inches and shipping instructions.

PRICE: $AUD 300 plus freight

Delivery and Specific Ordering Information 

Check out our Books on bowmaking and Bowmaking Requisites if you are interesting in making your own bows.

Jim flight shooting

At the Victorian Yarra Valley Flight Shoot on 28th April 2002, Jim Park won the longbow section of the competition with one of our standard Woomera Longbows A-WL-A2 (64lb). His arrow was shot a distance of 274.4 metres. That was further than any of the recurve bows and further than more than half of the compound bows!!

On 27 March 2004, Jim again competed with a heavier Woomera Longbow and provided the following report:

"With the longbow I managed to get 417 Metres with a 336 grain arrow. As I was a little off-line, the shot distance would have been a little longer than the measured distance (by my calculation, 425 Metres). From the distance achieved, I calculate the arrow velocity to be around 260 to 270 ft/sec with those arrows, which is pretty quick. The bow shot beautifully. "

It is recommended that you contact us by fax or phone as listed below or email us at to discuss your specific requirements and read the Terms and Conditions before placing any orders. Please note that any prices listed are in Australian dollars and do not include freight, unless specifically stated. Non-Australian customers should check with us for special prices that do not include GST.