Ausbow Industries, makers of high quality Australian archery equipment including crossbows and longbows and River Dolls of Goolwa, a doll museum/display and shop together with Dollies Lollies (a sweet shop), are part of Jonlyn Enterprises Pty Ltd based in the historic River Port of Goolwa, South Australia.

Ausbow Industries is the Australasian source for the extremely reliable Canadian EXCALIBUR Crossbows. John and Lyn Clark invite you to discover more about their products and services. Ausbow Industries is a member of the Southern Alexandrina Business Association.

ausbow logo AUSBOW INDUSTRIES - This Australian-owned business specialises in the design and manufacture of the Contender range of target crossbows and Woomera longbows and also supplies bowmaking requisites and books for DIY enthusiasts. Ausbow Industries are custom bowyers and archery engineers.

We are the Australasian agents for the top quality and high performance Excalibur sporting and target crossbows from Canada. Trade enquiries welcome. Ausbow Industries is a manufacturing and importing business not a shop front. Please make an appointment if you want to purchase items personally.


Check out the website for the World Crossbow Shooting Association (www.worldcrossbow.com), an organisation dedicated to the democratic development of target and open crossbow shooting across the world.

Details about Strathalbyn Target Archers now operating as Great Southern Archers, South Australia.

Ausbow Industries, River Dolls of Goolwa and Dollies Lollies are all located at
33 Cadell Street, River Port of Goolwa, South Australia.




(08) 8555 5888 - International: +61 8 8555 5888 (Ausbow Industries)
(08) 8555 5801 - International: +61 8 8555 5801 (River Dolls of Goolwa)


(08) 8555 5999 - International: +61 8 8555 5999

Postal Address

33 Cadell Street,
Goolwa, SA, 5214